Life & Immigration: 7

Welcome to the 7th edition of this interesting series about life and everything in between. If you are just joining us, you might want to start at Life & Immigration: 1, but either way, welcome. I recently visited Paris, a small community in North America with a population of over 14,000 people as of 2021. Interesting fact about Paris and to offer some context into how small the community actually is, they do not have a public transport system.

A common factor with all my travels and tales hover around the amazing people I meet, and this time wasn’t any different. I met J & B, the sweetest couple ever. Both of them are a little over 50, and have been together for 15 years now, a beautiful reminder that you can find love at any age. Talking with J was so lovely, he has lived a beautiful life of motorcycles (he owned 6), corvettes (he owned 2), boats (he owned 1), and travelling, and now he’s retired.

Most of J’s adventures were before he met B, but that does not mean all of the fun activities stopped, of course no more motorcycles but they still have tons of travel and vacation rituals that I love. If you take anything from J & B’s story, it should not be the corvette (an American 2-seater luxury sports car), or boat that he owned, but the fact that people would always come before material things.

In the past month, I have met quite a handful of people which is a different zone from what I am used to, for example, I attended an event that was themed ‘meeting others’, which is hilarious because I am perfectly fine with my tiny circle of family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. This was organized by an amazing neighbor, O, so attending was my little way of showing support, and it turned out to be food-filled, coupled with funny conversations about life and everything else.

Just like I emphasized in the 1st edition of this drama, we are live on the gigantic internet and unsure of how you found this page, but thank you for reading, and that’s it for now. If you missed the last 6, here they are.