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Ukraine: Possible Ecocide or ?

In our world where the delicate balance of nature sustains life as we know it, looming threats of ecocide has become an increasingly pressing concern. Forged from the Greek word oikos, meaning ‘home’, and the Latin term cadere, meaning ‘to kill’, ecocide describes the destruction of natural environment. The collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam…

Protest manifestation against war in Ukraine on Republic Square of Paris on aug. 02. 2014 in Paris, France.

Ukraine & Russia: The war from 2022

The war between Ukraine and Russia is not a new topic. The tensions between these two countries have been present for decades, but in 2022, the world witnessed a significant escalation of violence, leading to the deadliest clashes since 2014. The conflict has been a subject of debate, and the international community is closely watching…