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Bangladesh: 43+ killed in Building Fire

Dhaka, formally known as Dacca, is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh with a population of 10.2 million residents as of 2022. According to reports, there has been an unfortunate fire incident in a 7-storey building in Dhaka on Thursday, February 29 2024, that led to at least 43 fatalities, with 75 people rescued…

Bangladesh: 17 Killed in Train Accident

A train accident involving a passenger train and a freight train occurred in eastern Bangladesh, on 23 October. “The crash occurred after one train entered the same line as the other” a general manager of the Railway said. This accident led to 14 instant fatalities, with 3 others at the hospital. According to the BBC,…

Dengue Fever Hits Bangladesh

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, also referred to as Bangladesh, is a country located in South Asia. They share a border with India to the west, north and east, and Myanmar to the southeast. With a population of around 169 million residents as of 2022, it is the 8th most populated nation in the world….