Life & Immigration: 14

I made another trip to the Nigerian High Commission and finally got my passport renewal documents submitted. This time it was not a leisure trip, I set out at 3:50am and arrived at 9:40am. Luckily everything was sorted out around 3:30pm, thanks to my loving home country and its endless troubles. I got back on the road immediately after, and arrived at my apartment around 9:50pm.

When I walked in, my eyes were red, this was definitely my high score when it comes to road trips and I am thankful for a safe and successful trip. I also finished my very interesting book, ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek, and I definitely recommend this book to everyone who is interested in tackling their career, or even life in general from a more understanding lens.

In the book ‘Start with Why’, the author gives examples of how accomplished people/companies always focus on the WHY, before moving on to things like HOW, and WHAT. It is important to understand WHY we do the things we do, as that would help us do those things more efficiently. Believe in the WHY, understand the HOW, and streamline the WHAT.

If you are just finding this article, you can read the first 13 stories here – It is a monthly series on life and immigration, just like the title states. See you next month where I would be sharing some splendid news, and before I forget, have a splendid Easter celebration with your family and friends – Jesus Christ is Risen.