2024: Good Friday

Good Friday is a holiday celebrated by numerous Christian denominations around the world, marking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in Calvary. According to Biblical accounts, on Good Friday soldiers accompanied by Judas Iscariot (a disciple of Jesus Christ) arrested Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane after he was identified by Judas with a kiss.

Jesus Christ was taken to the Roman governor Pontius Pilate to be judged for declaring himself King of the Jews. After multiple back and forth with the judgement being proposed by the rulers and the wish of the crowd, Jesus Christ was sentenced to death by crucifixion, along with 2 other criminals.

Good Friday is a day to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who died on the cross of calvary for our sins. This miracle is celebrated by Catholics, the Orthodox church, Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists, Protestants, and Presbyterian etc. It is also a holiday across the globe in countries including Nigeria, and Canada, etc.