TikTok: $10.94 Million Antitrust Fine

The Italian Competition Authority, also known as ICA, is the competition regulator in Italy. It was established by law in 1990 and is responsible for enforcing laws against conflicts of interest for holders of public office in both Italy and Europe. According to reports, Italy’s antitrust authority fined TikTok €10 million ($10.94 million USD) for failing to moderate content from minors and vulnerable individuals.

The report also mentions that the “French scar challenge” on TikTok potentially endangered the psycho-physical safety of users, despite the platform assuring users of its safety. The ICA fined three TikTok units: Irish TikTok Technology LTD, British TikTok Information Technologies UK LTD, and Italian TikTok Italy Srl.

The affected business divisions have now been instructed to review their content moderation policies and implement stronger measures to ensure a safer online environment.