Life & Immigration: 12

Happy New Year to all our fiction and story lovers across the globe. May the new year bring us all the good things we wish for ourselves, and keep away all the evil thoughts that lurk in the dark. I am starting 2024 with a 5 hour road trip to a beautiful part of North America, Ottawa.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, with a population of over 1 million residents as of 2021. The province is the political center of the country and the headquarters of the Federal Government. My visit was to the Nigerian High Commission, and I used that opportunity to see the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, which was beautiful.

Source: Incognito

The primary reason for my long trip to the high commission was unfortunately unsuccessful due to technical issues that supposedly had to do with the passport issuing center back in Nigeria, which means I will be going on this trip again. Like they say, everything happens for a reason, I cannot tell the reason for this back and forth but I have accepted my country as it is.

Source: Incognito

I should not forget to mention that I drove in the winter, with moderate snowfall along the way, thankfully it was moderate. Well, quite an opening to our series on life and immigration, if you are just joining us please visit the creative section of the website for more stories.