Google Introduces New Ways to Search

Google, the multinational technology company that boasts of being the largest provider of search, navigation, cloud storage, mapping, and email technology, etc., has announced 2 new methods that will help customers search for contents faster.

According to recent reports, Google released ‘Circle to Search’ for Android, giving customers the ability to circle, tap, or highlight any area on their screen and query the search engine without having to leave their current screen. This feature will launch on January 31, starting with select Android smartphones like Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

In addition to ‘Circle to Search’, the company also released an AI powered multisearch feature that allows users snap a picture or upload a picture using their Google application, and ask an accompanying question, to receive generative search results in real time. This AI powered multisearch feature will be launched in the US this week on the Google app for iOS and Android.

In other unrelated news, Incognito Blog also reported the layoffs at Google last week.