Life & Immigration: 11

I should note that a stakeholder suggested this life & immigration: 11 episode. Life has been beautiful as usual and today I would like to write about focus. As aspirational people, it is easy to lose sight of the journey’s beauty in the rush to reach certain milestones.

It is very important to slow down and remember to enjoy the day, every day. *this is particularly a note to self

This is the eleventh month of writing from a creative perspective, that is, thinking and writing without reading Wikipedia, CNN, BBC, X, Reuters etc. I lost focus in the art of content creation and distribution, and this reduced the website’s monthly recurring site visitors by 20+% and this is just one of the areas this lack of focus has affected.

Recently, I went on a date with E and they mentioned taking it easy with the hunt for the next shiny move, and they are correct. Speaking of the restaurant, it was their threat and I had steak and mashed potatoes with some asparagus. For my drink, I had a pink frozen cocktail that was soaked in over 45% of serious tequila.

We also use this medium to wish C, Director IBL, Piccolo, Urimma, a Happy Belated Birthday. Many more years of beautiful moments, love, peace and laughter, know you are loved. Today also marks the birthday of Uncle A, His Royal Highness, long live the king.