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Pakistan: Deteriorated Air Quality

Pakistan’s second most populous city Lahore is situated in the north-east of the country with River Ravi flowing north-west of the city. It is the capital of the province of Punjab and one of Pakistan’s major industrial and economic hubs, with a population of over 11 million residents as of 2018.

Lahore. Source: CNN

According to recent reports, the city is currently facing a major air pollution crisis that is currently affecting parts of South Asia at this time. Authorities have declared an environmental and health emergency in three cities: Gujranwala, Hafizabad, and Lahore, bringing about the closure of schools, public parks, malls, and offices until the situation improves.

The report also mentions that Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, with a population of over 10 million residents, is also affected by this crisis.

Earlier this month, Incognito Blog reported a similar event in New Delhi.