Life & Immigration: 10

I visited Muskoka with a dozen people and it was amazing. The District Municipality of Muskoka, commonly referred to as Muskoka, is a municipality with over 1,500 lakes spanning across Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay located in Canada. This was my first cottage in the woods trip and it was an amazing experience thanks to the wonderful company and beautiful scenery.

November 9 is a special day for me because I am reminded of a partnership that has brought me this far. On this day 4 years ago, I got married to E, the best partner anyone could ask for. It has been a learning experience for 2 young people who set out to do life together, and honestly, I would not have it any other way.

Today, I am grateful for E, thankful for their beauty, understanding, sexiness, love, support, companionship, respect, encouragement, and kindness. It might seem like an exhaustive list but it does not cover everything they have to offer, and for this reason, I am grateful.

The choices we make everyday shape our today, and tomorrow – this might sound like an obvious statement but the events of November 9 2019 led to this tale of life & immigration. My life could have taken a different direction but here I am, writing about life.

This season brought about different emotions for me because while I celebrate, I am also praying for the full recovery of my Aunt M, a loving and caring mother, I am asking God to heal her. As a reminder, this creative series is about the people we meet, the ones we leave behind, and the roller coaster of loving every second of the journey.

Happy anniversary E, know you are loved.

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