China: Chengdu Science Fiction Museum

Chengdu is the capital city of the Chinese province of Sichuan and is the fourth most populous city in China, with a total of 20.9 million residents as of 2020. It has traditionally been the hub of Western China and is considered one of the most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, and communication centers in the country.

Additionally, it ranks among the world’s top 30 cities in terms of scientific research output.

Chengdu Museum. Source: CNN

In addition to already existing marvels in the area, there is a remarkable architectural structure in Chengdu known as the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum. This seven-point metallic star floats on the glassy surface of a lake and covers an area of 59,000 square meters. The construction was supposedly completed in just 12 months.

Chengdu prides itself in being the birthplace of Science Fiction World, one of the most widely read sci-fi magazines in the world. The magazine was founded in the city in 1979.

Chengdu Museum. Source: CNN

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