Miami: $50 Million Cube-Shaped Penthouse

The City of Miami is a city located in the state of Florida, USA, with a population of over 400,000 residents as of 2020. Miami is the second-most visited city in the USA with over 5 million visitors as of 2019. Also boasting of having the third-largest skyline in the Country with more than 300 high rise buildings.

The latest addition to the skyscrapers in the city is the Waldorf Astoria, located on a waterfront in downtown Miami. The cube-shaped building is 1,049 foot high and covers about 13,000 square feet per unit, boasting of 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

Waldorf Astoria. Source: CNN

This penthouse is a spinoff of the original Waldorf Astoria located on New York’s Fifth Avenue, although this new design is supposedly more ‘forward-looking’. The building would comprise of 460 residences and 205 hotel suites, with the price of a penthouse unit starting at $50 million USD.

Waldorf Astoria. Source: CNN

Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership is a Miami based architecture firm that specializes in luxury high rise residential building development and design. The company is in charge of developing the cube-stacked skyscraper and have fixed the completion date for 2027.

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