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Are you Job Hunting? Stay Hunting

I recently received a rejection email from a company that was offering over $100,000 USD, in total compensation (TC) for a managerial position. Rejections are very normal in the process of leveling up but here is the interesting thing about this one, I was contacted by a manager at the company to send in a cover letter for review, I obliged, and then a video interview.

I write a monthly series that I will reference in the next paragraph.

It was a total of 4 video interviews in the space of 10 weeks with company executives, and it was a series of brilliant discussions about directly creating value for the organization, no bloated conversations, but after the 4th interview and a 3 week delay, I received the rejection email while on my cabin trip ‘by the lake’.

I kept it to myself, enjoyed my getaway (wait for new content on the life & immigration monthly series) and ordered for a new laptop to continue writing. So, this is me writing to someone out there looking for a new opportunity, keep looking, you will eventually find what you are looking for.

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