Mercedes Maybach and Space Perspective

Mercedes Maybach has partnered with space tourism company Space Perspective, to induce luxurious transportation in every aspect of their space exploration experience. Space Perspective is the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceflight company. The company was founded in 2019 and aims to offer commercial space flights using a giant SpaceBalloon.

Mercedes Maybach electric vehicles (EVs) will exclusively transport explorers to and from their spaceflight take off locations. Without the use of rockets, Space Perspective’s spaceflight experience comprises a pressurized capsule that is airlifted by a SpaceBalloon.

Source: Mercedes Benz

The space tourism company reportedly resumes unmanned trial flights this year, 2023, with the hope of crewed flight tests in 2024. Reservations for the pressurized capsule flight to space has seen over 1,500 explorers registered, as the company plans to begin commercial flights at the end of 2024. The space flight ticket costs $125,000 USD per Explorer seat, and reservations can be made on company’s website, here.

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