Japan: $205 million Electric Aircraft Investment

Japan is taking to the skies with a bold and ambitious plan, investing about $205 million USD (30.6 billion yen) to develop electric powered aircrafts. Japan has been working on electric aircraft technology for some time, and the new investment is aimed at accelerating the development of this technology.

According to recent reports, prototype test flights should begin in 2030, with the ministry in charge of the project looking to recruit participants for the aid program this year. The East Asian nation is setting its sights on the future of aviation, with a goal to develop planes that are quieter, more efficient, and emit net-zero carbon (CO2) by 2050.

Japan is not just throwing money at this project, it is investing in research and development due to commence in 2024, to ensure that its electric aircraft will be a success. The Country is determined to be a forerunner in green aviation, and this investment is a big step towards that goal.

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