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Nigeria: 200 Million Naira Cannabis Seized

A major drug bust in Nigeria has resulted in the seizure of over 200 million naira worth of cannabis. The operation was carried out by the Nigerian Navy attached to the Navy Ship, Beecroft, in the Lekki and Badagry areas of Lagos. This is few weeks after the 600-million-naira cannabis seizure in Kebbi State, Nigeria, as reported by Incognito Blog.

The cannabis was initially set to be distributed throughout the country, as 65 bags that had been delivered were recovered from multiple locations in State.

Source: Lib

The Commander of the Nigerian Navy Ship Beecroft also mentioned that the large-scale operation was the result of a monitoring and surveillance technology, Falcon Eye, citing that they are committed to cracking down on drug trafficking and working to keep Nigerian communities safe. This seizure is a major win in the fight against drug-related crime.

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