Life & Immigration: 9

On the topic of Friends. Friendship break ups are funny because you can be discussing the topic with the person that you previously drifted apart from without realizing how you sound to them. That is my problem with social media addiction, people can get so consumed by the contents they consume and be oblivious to the fact that they are discussing and/or doing something wrong – it’s all content for discussion to them.

Growing up we were taught that having a tattoo is a very bad sign but that was a Nigerian parent thing, I guess. On one of my trips to an African State, I met B, and they said the reason for their tattoo that says ‘Family‘ is because they are the only constant in life. God and Family. They will love you regardless of the situation, condition, or location.

On the matter of God, Incognito Blog is a globally present media house with readers from across the globe, so this is to say We respect you and your religion/belief. Also, don’t forget to start from the first short episode of this series, here.

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