Cisco to Acquire Splunk for $28 Billion

Cisco Systems Inc, also referred to as Cisco, is a multinational technology conglomerate that manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunication equipment, and software products like video conferencing, energy management, and domain security technologies. Cisco was founded by 2 computer scientists in 1984, and is headquartered in California, USA.

The technology company is one of the largest in the world with a reported revenue of over $50 billion USD. Its co-founders were married (now divorced) at that time and started the organization during their professional careers at Stanford University.

According to recent reports, Cisco will be acquiring Splunk for $28 billion USD, in a bid to increase its cybersecurity offerings and capabilities. Splunk Inc. is a technology company that produces software used for application management, security, compliance, and web analytics etc. Splunk was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in California, USA.

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