Life & Immigration: 8

On this day 2 years ago, I packed my ‘Ghana-must-go bag’ (a type of cheap woven bag that got its name from a migration and deportation of non-Nigerians by an executive order in 1983, 40 years ago) and entered an airplane to England and since then I have lived in 2 other continents away from home. L was at the airport that day, she took us to the airport in the 2005/2006 Toyota Corolla (a Japanese automotive manufacturing company).

The airport was filled with smiles from people that were happy to flee from underdeveloped governance (According to Wikipedia, Nigeria is one of the most corrupt nations in the world), leaving behind the single most important thing in life, family. This is not about leaving behind friends, people make friends everywhere, trust me regardless of the continent you find yourself in, people live there.

Family remains miles away sadly, the people that love you as is, forever.

Source: Incognito Blog

In all of this, something I haven’t processed is leaving slime behind. Slime is my puppy that O (the best) gifted me in 2020, he’s the best boy. I love animals, but DOGS, I love dogs so much and miss slime. This edition of the life & immigration series (full list here) is more of a reflection because the month of September (and August) have been me taking it one day at a time.

Source: Incognito Blog

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I think I should mention that this MohBad thing is sad all over again because there is so much love right now, and I just hope the people loving on him now, actually loved on him this way when he was around.

Do not forget, this Life & Immigration series is about a wealthy person, they are wealthy by the people in their life and not what they have (they in this instance is to avoid misgendering), in other news, the people would always matter more than the material things (that has been our theme since the 1st edition in February 2023).

Just like in product management, it is always people and interactions over tools and processes (Note: Pay close attention to your processes or you can break the product: it is simply balance).