Libya: Flood Kills 5,000+

The State of Libya, also referred to as Libya, is a country located in North Africa with a population of over 7 million residents. The Arab nation is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Algeria to the west, Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad to the south, Niger to the southwest, and Tunisia to the northwest. It is supposedly the 4th largest country in Africa (700,000 square mi).

According to recent reports, over 5,300 people have been killed by a raging flood in the port city of Derna in eastern Libya, with 10,000 more reportedly missing. This unfortunate incident is days after Incognito Blog’s report of Storm Daniel that hit parts of Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria.

BBC’s live report also mentions a rise in the death toll, taking the number up to an estimated 20,000 fatalities.

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