Google Invests $20 Million in AI Research

Google, the California headquartered technology company has announced a $20 million USD fund through its philanthropy division, to fosters further research into the responsible development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Digital Futures Project will aid the adoption and better understanding of this vital arm of technology by providing grants to institutions and organizations that are leading the research globally.

The report further mentions issues the company is looking to address through this initiative, including:

“How will AI impact global security, and how can it be used to enhance the security of institutions and enterprises?”

“How will AI impact labor and the economy, what steps can we take today to transition the workforce for AI-enabled jobs of the future, and how can governments use AI to boost productivity and economic growth?”

“What kinds of governance structures and cross-industry efforts can best promote responsible AI innovation?”

Initial recipients of the Digital Futures Project grant as published by google include SeedAI, MIT Work of the Future, Aspen Institute, Institute for Security and Technology etc., with more information on expansion plans to be announced soon.

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