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UK: Electronic Travel Authorisation

The United Kingdom has updated its Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) requirements for visa free nationals and travelers with a layover in the Country. This document would be linked to the individual’s passport and would grant them permission to travel to the UK.

The ETA is required if you are visiting the Country for up to 6 months, either for tourism, pleasure, business or study, and also if you’re transiting.

Citizens of Qatar travelling to the UK on November 15 2023 and onwards need to apply for an ETA by October 25 2023, and those from Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have until February 22 2024 before the policy kicks in for their region, with an application start date of February 1 2024.

British passport holders, Irish passport holders, individuals with permission to live, work and study, and UK visa holders, do not need an ETA to enter the Country. The Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) will cost £10 Pounds per applicant and has a validity of 2 years unless the passport of the authorisation holder expires.

Applications are either through the UK ETA app or through the GOV.UK website. In June, Incognito Blog reported this new travel policy with more details of non-visa Nationals.

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