Incognito Blog: Terms of Use

Incognito Blog published its 300th content today, after 8 months, and we are using this opportunity to retrospect our terms of use and educate our readers on the importance of agreements. Terms of service also referred to as Terms of use and Terms and conditions, are agreements between a service provider (incognito blog) and the user (you) of the service (website, mobile application, etc.)

Incognito Blog is a product of Incognito Blog Limited, a private technology company registered in Nigeria. The continuous use of our website means you accept that Incognito Blog’s technology partners can note your device information including but not limited to region, device type (mobile or desktop), scroll rate, clicks, etc., for analytics purposes.

No personal information (name, email address etc.) is collected when you read our articles. However, when you subscribe to our list, your name & email address will be required, and this information is not sold or shared, and will be used for the agreed purpose of informative content distribution.

The complete terms of use can be found here. If you do not agree with any or all of these terms, please refrain from using our service. Some countries also require service providers to inform users of the types of data being collected, so this is a formal publication of our notice, as we serve the worldwide web.

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