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South America: 250,000 Cases of Chikungunya

Chikungunya is an infectious disease that was initially reported in 1955, after an outbreak in 1952 around the Mozambique and Tanganyika border. It is caused by the Chikungunya Virus (CHIKV) and is transmitted by mosquitos in infested regions.

Chikungunya was initially identified in Tanzania and its symptoms may include joint swelling, muscle pain, headaches, and rashes. The risk of death from the disease is reportedly 1 in 1000.

According to NPR, South America has recorded about 250,000 new chikungunya cases with about 100,000 of the reports originating from Paraguay. The report cites Dr. Susana Lloveras, an infectious disease physician from Argentina, who says the disease has spread rapidly, from about 2 cases a year to 2 cases daily earlier in 2023.

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