Vibrio Vulnificus Kills 3

Vibrio vulnificus is part of the vibrio bacteria genus (genus is a rank below family in biological classifications). This disease is related to vibrio cholerae which is a causation agent of the cholerae infection that affects the small intestines.

Vibrio vulnificus is found in areas close to water bodies and ponds, and it leads to blood poisoning, inner skin inflammation, and foodborne illness. The vulnificus specie was initially contained as a source of disease in 1976 and one of the common causes is eating raw or undercooked seafood (shellfish, oysters).

According to a recent report by the NBC, 3 people in the USA have died from the complications of vibriosis, an illness caused by the vibrio vulnificus bacteria. The report mentions that 1 person died in New York and 2 in Connecticut, with their health departments urging residents to remain vigilant and protect themselves from the bacteria.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said vibriosis leads to about 80,000 reported illnesses annually, accounting for 100 deaths.