Myanmar: Landslide Kills 32

Myanmar, previously known as Burma until 1989, is a Country located in Southeast Asia, with the title of the largest country in Mainland Southeast Asia. As of 2017, its population reached approximately 54 million. The Country shares a border with Bangladesh and India to the northwest, and China to the northeast.

Image from incident site, Kachin. Source: CNN

Tragedy struck in northern Myanmar as a landslide at a jade mine claimed the lives of at least 32 individuals, according to CNN. The incident unfolded in the mountain terrain of the Kachin state, where a sand cliff collapsed, resulting in a surge of water flooding a nearby lake and trapping the miners.

The Country is known for its rich supply of precious stones like rubies, sapphires, pearls and jade. Jade is a mineral used in making jewelries and ornaments.

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