X: The Everything App

Linda Yaccarino is the CEO of X, formerly twitter, as selected by Elon the owner. On Sunday, July 23 2023, she announced that twitter has gotten a second chance at making a big impression, and will now be X. The post mentions creating a new network that is centered around unlimited interactivity in the form of audio, video, messaging and payment/banking.

The X logo below was unveiled by Elon in a tweet, marking the start of a new dawn for their product. We also confirmed that x.com, (the domain name of a financial technology corporation co-founded by the billionaire in 1999) now points to the legacy twitter platform.

Image of the new X logo. Source: X

With this versatile rebrand approach, “X” looks to position itself as a one-stop-shop for not just communication but also commerce, as users could effortlessly transition from discussions to transactions. As we await the unveiling of this reimagined network, Twitter’s transformation into X appears to be a strategic move in the quest to maintain its position as a top contender in the evolving world of social media. Do you think these changes will positively impact the actual product experience? Let us know your thoughts.

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