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Unrest in Israel: 8 Dead and 50+ Injured

Israel has launched a military operation against Palestinian militants in the Jenin refugee camp, situated in the West Bank region. The report mentions series of drone strikes followed by the deployment of ground forces, resulting in gun battles raging through the streets of the camp.

The Jenin refugee camp or Jenin camp is a reminder of the history of Palestinian displacement. Established in 1953, this camp was created to provide shelter and support to Palestinians who were expelled from their homes during and after the 1948 Palestine War.

According to BBC, Palestinian officials reported that eight nationals have been killed and over 50 others wounded, since the military operation started this morning, July 3.

The Israeli military’s actions have drawn condemnation from Palestinian officials, who termed the operation an act to displace its people from their homes. In response, the Israel Defense Forces said their only targets are terrorists’ settlements.

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