Russia: The Reports of a Coup

Russia, also known as the Russian Federation, is the largest country on Earth, covering about one-eighth of the planet’s liveable area. The Country has 11 time zones and shares its land borders with 14 Countries.

With the ongoing unrest with Ukraine that has lasted for over one year, Russia is obviously sticking with its initial plan.

According to multiple reports, and a video released by the President’s office, Russian private military company (PMC) Wagner, a once closely allied Russian paramilitary organization, launched a rebellion against the Russian military on June 23 2023.

Wagner says the reason for their proposed takeover reportedly stems from an attack on the PMC by Russia’s Military Defence. The Federal Security Service (FSB), an outfit of the Russian Government, has since opened a criminal case against Wagner for inciting an armed revolt, where a live broadcast from President Vladimir Putin proclaimed Wagner’s actions as treason, as he promised to suppress the rebellion.

According to recent CNN report, the group has since halted it’s advancement towards Russia’s capital and have retreated to neighbouring country, Belarus as agreed upon by both parties.

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