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North America: Deteriorated Air Quality

Residents across North America woke up to hazardous air quality across the region, a direct consequence of the raging wildfires that continue to ravage parts of Canada. The affected areas mentioned are Ontario and Quebec, where smoke has covered vast areas, and an unsettling haze has reportedly settled over northeastern United States.

Authorities in Canada have issued multiple air quality warnings, predicting that this year’s wildfire season could be the worst on record for the country.

According to BBC, the US Environmental Protection Agency classed air quality in the affected north-eastern region as unhealthy, particularly for people with underlying health conditions.

New York City has also indefinitely suspended all outdoor activities at public schools with Mayor Eric issuing a warning, highlighting the anticipated further decline of conditions throughout the day and advising resident to minimize outdoor activities.

Residents in surrounding and affected areas should refrain from excessively inhaling the polluted air, if possible.

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