Ford: The Recall of 176,000 Bronco SUV’s

Ford issued a recall for approximately 176,000 Ford Bronco SUVs spanning model years 2021 to 2023. The action comes in response to findings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that drivers and front seat passengers may encounter difficulty accessing the metal portion of the seatbelt when their seat is in a retracted position (the position was withheld by the auto company).

The recall is specifically applicable to the five-door variant of the popular bronco model, and to temporary rectify the situation, a simple solution was proposed, which is attaching a barrette clip or a sliding clip latch to the belt itself, thereby securing the latch portion of the seatbelt in its correct position. I’m not sure people want to stick a barrette clip in their $50,000+ SUV, hence the complaints received by the NHTSA and the automaker, leading to this recall.

In other news, Ford recently made headlines due to its collaboration with Tesla on the integration of superchargers, we wrote about it here.

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