Incognito Blog: 100+ Days of Writing

Incognito Blog published its first post in February 2023, and since then it’s been non-stop informative, entertaining, tiring and even boring contents from across the globe. The media contents published here would mean nothing without our amazing site visitors, both returning and new, so we say thank you for reading and scrolling through.

Incognito Blog was born out of the necessity to minimize the amount of negative content we consume as news, there is nothing hidden about Incognito Blog or Incognito Blog Limited franchise, we simply predict that a captivating term like ‘incognito’ is memorable and would eventually stick to our audience.

We are marking 100+ days of writing and publishing verifiable happenings from different locations. This is not a lot of days (it’s actually just day 1) but remember this is a serious independent media, no unnecessary click baits, just news reporting. My best feature is that readers can tell what the news is about from the short title, and secondly our unbiased reporting system, we write it as it is.

Again, the feedbacks are well received, and the team will continue to provide and publish contents with even better reader experience in mind. That’s all! If you’re done here, visit our regularly updated homepage, or reach out to us via emailinstagramtwitterlinkedin or facebook, for any concerns or inquiries.

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