WhatsApp: New Privacy Feature

WhatsApp, the instant messaging and voice-over-IP service, has improved the way people connect and communicate around the world. As a centralized platform with 2 billion users, it enables people exchange text and voice messages, engage in voice and video calls, and effortlessly share a wide array of content, including images, documents, and user locations.

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature called Chat Lock, aimed at providing users with an additional level of security for their private conversations. With Chat Lock, users can protect specific chats by placing them behind a secure folder that can only be accessed using their device password or biometric authentication.

Image of WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature. Source: WhatsApp

By simply tapping on the name of an individual or group chat and selecting the lock option, users can easily secure their conversations. To unlock the chat, users can pull down on their inbox, enter their device password or use biometric authentication, and the hidden chat will be revealed.

WhatsApp also announced plans to expand the capabilities of Chat Lock in the coming months, which includes the addition of options for locking companion devices, allowing users to secure their chats on multiple devices simultaneously.

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