Twitter: New Privacy Feature

Twitter, the popular social media platform owned and operated by American company X Corp, which in turn is owned by Elon Musk. Its users post short messages, images, and videos known as tweets, which can be liked, retweeted, bookmarked, and shared with others. While registered users have the ability to direct message other registered users, unregistered users can only view public tweets.

The bird app recently released it’s encrypted messaging feature between paid users. This feature will allow users to engage in separate conversations that are fully encrypted, making them more secure and private. According to Twitter, not all users will be eligible to send and receive encrypted messages.

Both the sender and the recipient must be using the latest version of Twitter, verified users, or affiliates to a verified organization. Furthermore, the recipient must either follow the sender, have sent a message to the sender in the past, or have accepted a Direct Message request from the sender.

According to Elon’s tweet today, the early version of this feature has been released but it can’t be trusted yet.

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