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What type of traveller are you?, Do you leave the apartment scattered while leaving for that exciting trip?. Personally, I like to leave everywhere neat and shiny because I’ll love to get back to a neat and shiny space.

Regardless of your personal travel preferences, make sure to cherish every moment of your journey, as the memories you create could last a lifetime, whereas the money spent can always be earned back, and the apartment can always be tidied up, etc. You get my point?.

Image from the top of sulphur mountain. Source: incognito

On one of my recent adventures, I hiked the sulphur mountain in North America and it looked like something out of a movie, on the drive to the actual site, you can see mountains in the clouds. This mountain is over 5000 feet high and took over 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach the peak, with my watch saying it was a total of 6km (I still don’t believe this since it felt longer!). 

Image from the top of sulphur mountain. Source: incognito

This was the first mountain climbing/hiking experience and I was not prepared, no hiking boots or gear, I literally hiked wearing River Island (a London based multi-fashion brand) boots which I do not recommend, coupled with the fact that some trails still had snow and were slippery. 

Image of the slippery/snow covered trail on the sulphur mountain. Source: incognito

The best thing about this hike was the hiking partner I had. Let’s call her E, and your partner determines your hike experience. I hiked 5000 feet with a partner that’s scared of heights, so essentially I hiked for 2. Holding hands from ground level to the sky, and taking slow steps in designer shoes, while sweating without any drinking water, a challenge. The pictures attached don’t do justice, your eyes would deceive you. You’re face to face with 5000 feet of rock and ice, no human input, just God. When we got to the top, it felt like we won. Cos we did!

Image of a caution sign along the sulphur mountain trail. Source: incognito

Turning 28 is amazing (hbd), climbing to the top of sulphur mountain is amazing, you have to constantly pick what you categorise as amazing in life (don’t just blurt out money), because the highs never end. They also promised me a hiking gear because apparently I might hike again!

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