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Wildfire leads to Evacuations in Alberta

Alberta is a province in Western Canada with a population of over 4,000,000 people. It is the fourth most populous province in the Country, and boasts of beautiful Rocky Mountains to the western parts. Alberta was home to First Nations like the Plains Indians and Woodland Cree, before becoming a part of Canada.

According to CCN, a wildfire in parts of this Canadian province has forced approximately 25,000 people to evacuate their homes. With more than 100 fires currently burning across the region, emergency officials reported on Saturday that almost more people have been forced to evacuate as the fires rage on, fueled by abnormally hot weather and high winds.

The Alberta Premier, Danielle Smith, has noted that the province has been going through a hot and arid spring season, resulting in a significant amount of combustible materials spread throughout the region.

“These conditions mean it is very easy for a wildfire to both start and spread quickly,” Smith said at a news briefing. The report further mentions at least 45 new wildfires were active and 14 local states of emergency have been declared. Emergency officials have been working around the clock to contain the fires.