2023: Happy Workers Day

Workers Day is a significant day for every working professional in the world. On May 1 1886, a general strike started in the US demanding the reduction of the working hours of the everyday man/woman to 8 hours per day as opposed to 10 hours. This was a fair request, to demand change from their brutal 60 hour work-week. This strike erupted and led to the Haymarket massacre in Illinois, United States on May 4, that affected labour globally.

Today, Workers Day is celebrated as Labour day in the US and Canada, on the first Monday of September. I couldn’t locate a solid reason given that the strike happened in America on May 1.

On this Workers Day, we pay tribute to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of all workers, who strive tirelessly to achieve personal and organizational objectives. Happy Workers Day from everyone at Incognito Blog!

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