Your Chance to Win 100GB of Data!

Social media giveaways usually try to hide the true agenda behind the agenda, but ours is simple, we’re looking to expand our reach, while rewarding the readers that make writing enjoyable! In February 2023, incognito blog began reporting news content from across the globe, without bias or influence, and we have since grown to a staggering 1,000+ distinct user-interaction count. Hurray!

To the fun part, the giveaway! We are celebrating this tiny milestone with a 100GB prize grab for our readers, followers, lurkers and site visitors.

Terms of participation

— Follow Incognito Blog on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (you are required to follow a minimum of 2 platforms)
— Like (retweet) one post on each platform you follow (no maximum likes, per platform)
— Refer your friends and family to follow Incognito Blog on any 2 platforms (minimum of 5 referrals required, per platform)

How to claim your data

— Send proof that you referred 5 people or more, that have followed Incognito Blog on 2 platforms or more (social media handles of your referrals via dm on any platform or email
— Receive a unique incognito code via dm when you submit your entry, if eligible (the winners would be selected via the code, and this code and the data won, would be published in the comment section of the giveaway post)

Terms and conditions

— This mobile data giveaway is for MTN NG users in Nigeria only (Disclaimer: This giveaway was not sponsored by MTN)
— Participants must adhere to the terms of participation to be eligible for the draw
Draw ends and all winners would be announced via the comment section of the giveaway post (on social media) at 12:00am, May 1 2023
— Selecting the winners would be on a first-come, first-serve basis (the first set of people to successfully complete the terms of participation and send proof)
— You can only win a minimum of 5GB (5 referrals minimum) and a maximum of 10GB (no maximum referrals, if you refer 10 people, you stand a chance of winning 10GB) per unique incognito code
— Only the unique incognito codes and the amount of data won would be published in the comment sections (we value your privacy)
— Mobile data would be sent to MTN NG phone numbers only

Good luck and thank you for reading!

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