ChatGPT Introduces New Privacy Feature

OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, has announced a new feature that enables users to opt-out of having their data stored and used for training the chatbot. This move comes amidst growing concerns over the collection and utilization of user data by technology companies, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence.

The company’s blog also mentions a new Export option in ChatGPT’s settings, which enables users to export their data and understand the information stored by the application.

The introduction of the new privacy feature in ChatGPT is a response to the growing privacy concerns, remember we reported Italy’s recent ban on the use of ChatGPT in the country due to concerns over data retention practices. In addition to the ban in Italy, a recent open letter that we wrote about here, from more than 3,000 researchers and academics called for a six-month pause in the advancement of AI.

OpenAI’s new privacy feature in ChatGPT, along with the development of the ChatGPT Business subscription, demonstrate the company’s commitment to addressing these concerns and providing users with better control over their data.