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Mindless Tornado Sweeps Across the United States

Thousands of people living in the South and Midwest of the United States are without power, and at least 26 people dead due to several tornadoes and huge storms. According to the BBC, more than 80 tornadoes have been reported since March 31, and states including Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois and Indiana, have all had fatalities.

The severity of the damage caused by the tornado has prompted Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders to declare a state of emergency in the state of Arkansas, with the national guard activated to help with recovery efforts. President Joe Biden has also promised federal aid to help those affected by the storms.

However, the destructive power of the tornadoes continues to wreak havoc across several states. As of the latest reports from the US PowerOutage website, hundreds of thousands of people are without power, with Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania among the worst affected. The Storm Prediction Center has warned that some of the projected tornadoes could track across the ground for long distances, adding to the risk of further destruction and loss of life.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tornadoes and with the emergency responders and volunteers working tirelessly to provide assistance and aid to those in need.

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