Life & Immigration: 2

The people you meet would always matter the most and not how much money you make, always remember this. The money is definitely important since we have essential needs, but it should never define you.

During my travels, I met a gorgeous and intelligent 60+ year old lady, we’ll call her L. You know how calling someone an open book sounds cliche? Not her, L is an open book that has interesting stories for days. I met her at a book club and quickly discovered that she is a brilliant retiree who just got called back into work due to how well she managed her role for over 20 years.

Moving across the world comes with its unique incredible learnings and most of it comes from the perspective of others. For example, L has 3 daughters who are all married with beautiful children, but they barely call her to see how she’s doing except on some special occasions and holidays. This is not the kind of treatment anyone at that age would desire from their kids, especially since she was a single mother that worked hard and put them first. But here’s what she said, “Maybe I held them so closely after losing my husband that they couldn’t wait to be on their own, hence the distance”, but I strongly disagree, parents give up themselves to care for their children and we owe everything to them.

I also met this amazing 20+ year old lady, and no I don’t go around meeting ladies or even people, I just feel some people you experience in life are worth writing about. So back to the 20+ year old lady, we’ll call her J. J invited me to church, which was very thoughtful as it was getting closer to 2 years since I left Nigeria and also since I went to church, so I definitely needed that. When I got to the church service for the first time, I teared up during the worship session because I was elated to be thanking God after so long, but something else was different about the sermon, it was calm.

That’s a very broad description, calm, it could mean anything, but to me it meant the sermon was relaxed and focused. The pastor reminded everyone that God is not a ‘shopping list God’ that we only run to with a list of our heart desires and worries, he’s the beginning and the end, and we should thrive to worship him even when he doesn’t grant us ‘one’ of the items on our ‘shopping list’. Trust me, you just had to be there for these words to marinate in you.

Again, the people we meet and experience in this journey called life, play a significant role in how we perceive and interact with the world at large. If you’re just reading this second chapter, here’s how the series all started, here.

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