100 million daily users on Bing

Bing, the search engine developed by Microsoft, has reached a significant milestone with 100 million daily users. According to reports from Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft Bing’s growth is attributed to its integration with Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which has improved the quality of search results and user experience within the first 30 days.

In my previous post, I wrote about the game changing AI powered search engine and to read about these superb metrics is an absolute success for the recently released product.

Microsoft’s focus on AI has paid off, as Bing has seen a steady increase in daily users. Bing’s growth is also attributed to its integration with other Microsoft services such as Windows, Office, and Xbox. This integration has made Bing more accessible to users and has improved the overall user experience.

Bing’s success is good news for Microsoft, as the search engine has been laggard compared to its competitors such as Google. However, with the integration of AI technology and the growing user base, Bing is now in a better position to compete in the search engine market.

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